Surveying Mapping

n recent years, technology has made an enormous impact on how surveying has been done in the engineering industry. We at Momentum have kept abreast of the innovations and are proud to offer services of the highest caliber.

Momentum's Surveying and Mapping Division which consists of professional and technical personnel, serves both public and private clients. Our surveyors adhere to a strict standard in understanding exactly what the intent of the survey is from our clients.

Our staff also has available to them surveying tools such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Electronic Data Collectors supported by the advanced Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) software. Attention to detail is the key to the surveying process and is an attribute that all our qualified surveyors possess.

survey & mapping services include,but not limited to

Boundary surveys

  • plat of survey
  • legal descriptions for deed records
  • easement descriptions and exhoibits
  • subdivision of land and platting

    • design and topographic surveys

      • digital contouring
      • facility location
      • utility locations
      • detrailed as-built drawings

      construction staking

      • subdivisions
      • streets
      • utilities
      • buildings