n order to provide a client with a clear understanding of what a project entails - from single-family residential projects, to master-planned communities, to business parks depends on and requires an engineer and engineering firm having an understanding of the basic needs of the project. Not only are these planning studies valuable tools for clients, but in some cases, they are required by governmental agencies as well as other institutional clients, all delivered in a clear and concise manner. These plans could range from feasibility studies, community and town planning, urban planning, amenity and recreational design under landscape architecture. Momentum has the resources and the experience to cater to any of our clients needs. With the different departments within our firm, the planning aspect allows us to centralize the project and then delegate the various jobs between them.

planning services include,but not limited to

  • feasibility
  • comprehensive planning
  • master planned aommunities
  • open space detention facilities
  • urban design
  • policy review
  • rown centers
  • corridor planning